Please complete your profile information before you re-verify your student status.
Please note that you will be able to create only one verified DreamSpark account using your Microsoft account.
Please complete your profile information before you re-verify your student status.
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Get Verified

If you don’t already have a DreamSpark account, we’ll help you create one.
For accessing the Window Dev Center benefit you can verify your student status in one of four ways:

Get Registration Code

You can get free lifetime access to the Store and Windows Dev Center with a DreamSpark Registration Code. Get connected, publish free or paid apps to the store, reach hundreds of markets, and track your app’s data.

    Get registered at the Windows Dev Center

Windows Dev Center Access
Publish your applications on the Store for free with DreamSpark’s special student registration code. This registration code provides free lifetime access to your account with the Windows Dev Center!
No fees, no renewals – you can develop, publish, track, and sell your awesome apps for years.
Once you’ve verified your student status and gotten a registration code, go to the Windows Dev Center to register and make sure to choose the ‘Individual’ account type.
To register on the Store, you must meet the following conditions:
  • Be 18 years of age or age of majority in your location
  • Have a Microsoft Account
  • Have a credit card account

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Download the latest tools to create amazing Windows apps, use the Windows Dev Center to distribute them, and see your work in the Store!

Changes in Student Verification
Due to experiencing a high rate of piracy issues, we recently changed the verification methods for accessing the Windows Dev Center benefit. We will no longer be able to accept manual verification as a means to accessing the Windows Dev Center benefit. Students can leverage one of the four verification methods listed above to obtain their activation codes.

In order to ensure legal and legitimate use of the Windows Dev Center benefit we will no longer allow manual verification from students who are looking to obtain Windows Store codes. DreamSpark students who verify using the other verification methods: your school email address (domain), your school network credentials, a DreamSpark verification code, or an ISIC card.