Bring the cloud to your Windows app

Getting started
Cloud connected performance with Microsoft Azure Mobile Services

You can create richer app experiences with Microsoft Azure. Add cloud-connected services like data storage, push notifications, or user authentication. Get started now.

Steps to building your app

1. Get your professional development tools
No charge to students. Includes Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows. Get everything you need by clicking the three download choices above.
2. Plan and build your app
We have the free resources to show you how to use Microsoft Azure Mobile Services. Start by downloading the Getting Started Guide.
Special resources for student developers
First, choose the type of Windows app you’re creating:
   Windows 8 app
   Windows Phone app
3. Test and publish your app
Students can publish Windows apps in the Windows Store at no cost.
Get your Windows Store Registration Code. You must first verify you’re a student.
Important: the Windows Store is only available in the countries/regions listed in the Windows Store Registration page.
Find easy-to-follow instructions on how to publish your app.
4. Win cash and travel with Imagine Cup
You’ve worked hard to build an amazing app that connects to Microsoft Azure. Why not see if you can win you some cash, and maybe even travel? Enter your app in one of three Microsoft Imagine Cup competitions: Games, Innovation, or World Citizenship. You could win $50,000 (USD) and a trip to Seattle, USA for the Imagine Cup 2014 World Finals. Learn more.