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Put professional developer tools and software in the hands of your faculty and students with low-cost
subscription from Microsoft. Challenge and excite your students by teaching with the latest technologies.
Download the Deployment Guide to learn how to deploy software to your students, faculty and labs.
Get your institution"s administrator to enroll following the 3 easy steps below.

  • Review Subscriptions
  • Check Eligibility
  • Enroll

review subscription offering and pricing

There are 2 subscription levels: Standard and Premium. Review the chart below to find out which offering is right for you. One price to get all the software you need for the whole institution (students, faculty and labs). Review Full Product List

  • Product Categories
  • DreamSpark Standard
  • DreamSpark Premium
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows Client
  • Windows Server
  • Developer & Design Tools
  • Visual Studio Professional
  • Visual Studio Premium
  • Visual Studio Ultimate
  • Expressions
  • Windows Embedded
  • Applications
  • Visio
  • Project
  • OneNote
  • Servers
  • SQL Server
  • BizTalk Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Additional Benefits
  • Technical Support Incidents
  • 2
  • 4
  • Priority Support in MSDN Forums
  • New Subscription Pricing
  • Electronic Software Delivery (1 year)
  • $99 USD
  • $499 USD
  • Electronic Software Delivery (3 years)
  • $199 USD
  • $1,025 USD
  • Electronic Software Delivery + DVD (1 year)
  • $299 USD
  • $799 USD
  • Electronic Software Delivery + DVD (3 years)
  • N/A
  • $1,437 USD
  • Renewal Subscription Pricing
  • Electronic Software Delivery (1 year)
  • $99 USD
  • $320 USD
  • Electronic Software Delivery (3 years)
  • $199 USD
  • $799 USD
  • Electronic Software Delivery + DVD (1 year)
  • $299 USD
  • $399 USD
  • Electronic Software Delivery + DVD (3 year)
  • N/A
  • $1,079 USD
  • Perpetual Rights
  • Academic/Non-commercial usage
  • Usage
  • Institution Wide Distribution
  • STEM Department Only (one subscription per department)
  • Lab Installation
The prices in USD are indicative. You will be able to see local prices when during the enrollment process. Contact support if you have questions related to local pricing.

check eligibility

Check out what subscription your academic institution is eligible for. Every student, educator, and lab in your entire institution can take advantage of DreamSpark Standard software for developers and designers, with a single subscription.

DreamSpark Premium is only for qualified higher-education science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) departments and gives you access to over 500 Microsoft software titles. Each eligible department requires a subscription.

  • Institution Type
  • Access Type
  • DreamSpark Standard
  • DreamSpark Premium
  • K-12 - Primary & Secondary Schools (Institution Wide)
  • Students
  • Educators
  • Computer Labs
  • Colleges/Universities
    (Institution Wide)
  • Students
  • Educators
  • Computer Labs
  • Students
  • Educators
  • Computer Labs

Note: Read the FAQ, for more details.


Follow the steps below to get enrolled in the DreamSpark subscription that is right for your institution. You will be able to access your subscription software only once the order processing has been completed. This can take from several days to a couple of weeks, depending on the time required to check for eligibility and submit your payment.
Select your subscription level
starting at $99 USD

DreamSpark Standard

Get a single subscription for the whole institution to give access to the same tools the pros use to all your students and educators, and outfit every lab.

starting at $499 USD

DreamSpark Premium

Get a single subscription for a STEM department to give your students and educators an expanded set of Microsoft software.

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Customers who have purchased an Academic Volume Licensing Agreement such us Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES), Open Value Agreement for Education Solution (OV-ES), CASA or Campus Agreement can get a DreamSpark subscription as a free benefit of their academic agreement. All institutions can get a DreamSpark Standard subscription, while only qualifying STEM department can get a free DreamSpark Premium subscription.

Are you a new DreamSpark subscriber?
No, I am renewing a subscription
If you are renewing a DreamSpark subscription, please do so through the DreamSpark Renewal process, available here.